Social Networks

Boost your presence on social networks!


Social networks have become a real communication tool. With 30 million users on Facebook, 23 million visitors on Youtube, 10 million members on Google + and 6 million on Twitter, the presence of your company is unavoidable. These networks offer you an openness to the world that must be grasped. Well used, they can boost your notoriety by giving you better visibility and multiplying your contacts.

Our webmarketing company offers its services to improve your communication on social networks thanks to the following services:

Creating  Pages

We create a professional page on the different social networks (Facebook, Twiiter, Instagram …). The purpose of this page is to present your company in a first time then to share everything related to its topicality. This page has an evolutive character, it can also be linked with your website among others

Page Animation

Creating a professional Facebook page is not enough, it must be animated. We take care of animating each of your pages on social networks. And with targeted customized content to your business, we increase the size of the community that follows you. To maintain a lasting relationship with it, we dialogue with your fans and listen to their remarks and suggestions. The aim is to establish a constructive dialogue.

Advertising Campaigns

Social networks offer the possibility of setting up advertising campaigns, a tool that we use wisely. Your company’s advertising will appear as a suggestion about the profile of people who are likely to be interested in your services and products. It is therefore an important communication tool that can enable you to increase your number of customers.

The  Monitoring

We ensure a watch on social networks to ensure that your e-reputation is good. Reputations are made and disbanded very quickly on the Web, so we look at the quality of your e-reputation daily to adapt our communication strategies.

Conducting  Analysis

In order to ensure that our communication on social networks is effective, we use various analytical tools. Depending on the results, we adjust our strategy.

For any request concerning the communication of your company on the social networks and their use, contact us!

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