Organic SEO

Entrust us with the organic SEO of your site!

You are having difficulty generating traffic to your site and you do not know how to remedy this situation? Is your site not well positioned in search results? Our referencing agency offers you to work on your organic SEO.


What is organic SEO?


Improving the SEO of a website is top increase its visibility. When a user types a query on a search engine, the search engine displays the results that seem to him the most relevant according to a complex algorithm. Our work is to use natural SEO techniques to allow your site to enter into the logic of this algorithm so that your site appears in the first search results. It should be noted that 69% of Internet users do not go beyond the first page of results, so optimizing your natural referencing has its importance.

How to optimize it?


To improve the visibility of your site, part of our work is done on your site and a part outside of it. On your site, we will work to optimize the content of your site and its architecture. Your site must be pleasant to users by its design, its ease of use and its content. It is essential that your site is powered on a regular basis, it is the basis for increasing its popularity. Google will reference your site based on the keywords spotted in your articles and the relevance of your pages. The second part of our SEO optimization work happens outside your site, this is what we call the netlinking strategy. This refers to links from other sites that encourage users to navigate to your site. These links must be of quality so must come from well rated sites, be spontaneous and regular. It is under these conditions that netlinking is effective.


Organic or non-organic SEO?


We keep abreast of the evolution of search engine algorithms, which are constantly evolving, to bring you the best SEO solutions and that you can realize the impact of our work in the medium and long term. It is on this last point that the free referencing diverges of the paid referencing. Indeed, with paid referencing, the visibility is immediate as well as the results but when the advertising campaign is stopped, the visibility becomes less. While with free SEO, the results are longer to be felt but they are perennial.

If you want more information about natural referencing, do not hesitate to contact our agency! We will be happy to answer your request.


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