Search Engine Advertising

Improve your visibility through google Ad Words!

Our Webmarketing company accompanies you to make you known and give more visibility to your products and services. To do this, one of our methods is the implementation of Ad Words campaigns.

What is it?


A Google Ad Words campaign creation is actually an advertising campaign on the Google search engine. According to the queries typed by the Internet users, your advertisement appears and when one of them has been clicked it arrives on a specific page of your site. In this, the Google Ad Words campaign differs from ADsense in that it allows you to make money by advertising on your site. With Google Ad Words, it’s about advertising your site.

As an Ad Words expert, our Webmarketing company handles Ad Words campaign management. We use it as a complement to natural referencing so that you appear on thousands of sites and give you excellent visibility that will dramatically increase traffic to your site.

How much does it cost?


Apart from the set-up and administration costs, the Ad Words campaign cost is calculated at CPC, that is, the cost per click. The amount is set between Google and you before the placement of these advertisements. So you’re only charged for clicks that were made on your ad and not for how long your ad stays online.

When to do a Google AdWords campaign?


With Google Ad Words, there is no commitment, you are free to decide when you want an advertising campaign to be launched. Thus, it can be useful during your launch to make you known, all through the year or at certain times. For example, if a key moment in your business is approaching as a salon or sales and you need to make it known, doing a Google Ad Words campaign is an excellent way to attract more visitors. If you are experiencing a drop in traffic, setting up this advertising campaign will allow it to boost. This tool is very flexible, you can use it as you see fit.

If you want more information about Ad Words, do not hesitate to contact our campaign management agency! We will be happy to answer your request.


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